Officially October 1st!!! Brief Thoughts..

Its officially October, Fall has begun. Dayum time is flying by. October literally just creep up out of no where.

Happy Halloween - Pic 3(Don’t own rights to the pictures used in this blog)

Ive been M.I.A from here for a couple of days. Working and thinking a lot about life in general. But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been in the Halloween/Fall mood. Ive been watching Fall/Horror themed movies faithfully every day lol. Just yesterday we watched Beetlejuice, its a classic + my boyfriend had never seen it until yesterday. And he liked the movie.


Ive been in a baking mood lately and coffee mood more than usual. I just started drinking coffee 2 months ago and what encouraged that behavior that I swore I would never pick up, was Pumpkin Spice creamer lol. So Thanks to the person that invented that lol. Ive been wanting to bake a batch of carrot cupcakes and pumpkin pie cupcakes. And some cookies. I LOVE me some home made cookies. Yummy!!!!!! Make renovations to our room and bathroom and kitchen. Change is good and sometimes you just need to reorganize and make changes to little things in your home, youll be amazed on how simple changes like that, can make  you feel happier. Start welcoming in the holiday season, embrace it no matter what you are going through. Choose happiness!!!!!!!!!


Happy 1st day of October!!!

Thoughts on Before I Wake on Netflix!!



I stumbled upon this movie on Netflix, saw the little video preview and I was hooked. I just had to watch it. *If YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED IT AND WANT TO DO SO, DONT CONTINUE READING.

aaaaaaaaaa(Don’t own rights to any images used in this blog)

I thought the movie was so good, I loved the story line, it had me hooked into the movie. Personal opinion, it was not scary scary, but it did have “jumpy,” parts. Lol. To sum up the movie, it is about a young boy who is in the foster care system, gets fostered by a couple who lost their young son, and per therapy, it was recommended that as a part of the foster moms healing process she needs to help out another boy in need so it can help her move on. They soon learn that the young boy they foster, has a special gift. Which is a curse and a blessing as you will see. The boys gift is that his when he sleeps and has dreams, his dreams become true the moment he is dreaming them. Once he awakes they vanish. Now knowing this, the foster mom wants to take advantage of that by showing the boy pictures and videos of her deceased son, so he can dream of him, which he does and you can only imagine what happens next.

aaaaaaaaaaa(Don’t own rights to any images used in this blog)

Im seriously not going to spoil it for you guys. I know some of you will read this without watching the movie. And I, for one, am not the person to spoil a great movie for some one. Its so worth watching, its DEEP and trippy scary. I recommend to turn up the volume, sit back, relax and enjoy the show Bwuah ha ha ha.

Fall movie marathon begins in 3, 2, 1..


One of my most absolute favorite things to do this time of year is to sit back, relax and have a mini Fall movie/show marathon andddddd (drum roll please) order pizzzzaaaaaa!! I seriously enjoy lounging, good food and being cozy at the comfort of my own home. It cant get any better than that. Good food and good vibes = great times!


Dominos is the pizza of my choice when all I want to do is to spend a nice, cozy, lazy afternoon lounging watching Fall shows and going to bed early because its work time in the AM (sigh). And my favorite thing to order from Dominos online is 2 large pizzas both with seasoned dough, one pizza with parmesan sauce instead of the regular tomato sauce,  chicken and Italian sausage. The other has to be the classic, pepperoni. I do recommend online orders because you have options you never knew existed. Not to mention they have great deals. *If you create a dominos account online, once you gain a certain amount of points (you gain points every time you order) you get a free pizza. Cant recall how many times we got free pizza lol. Awesome!!!



Here is a list of Halloween episodes for both kids and adults that I stumbled upon when I was web browsing for just that, its pretty epic:



Happy 1st Day of Fall Ya’ll…

280989-Hello-Autumn-Hello-Fall(Don’t own right to any of the images used in this blog)

Its finally here, my favorite time of the year is officially here and it has begun. Time to crank up the Halloween vibes to max capacity and do everything and anything Fall. From watching horror films, family Fall movies, baking Fall treats, whipping up some delicious Fall foods, haunted houses, hay rides, pumpkin carving and decorating your home with Fall décor for the icing on the cake. Everything to set the Fall mood and do the Fall the way it should be done.

Terrifier-Art-the-Clown.jpg(Don’t own right to any of the images used in this blog)

I began my Fall season by watching a movie on Netflix that some one recommended called, Terrifier. Let me just start off by saying that if you love gore movies, this one is for you. Gore movies are not my cup of tea, BUT this movie just may be the exception. From the beginning I was hooked. I wanted to know how it would all end so I wasn’t bored like I would be with movies who don’t hook their audience or give them a motive to keep watching. I must warn that if you don’t do well with blood, then I do not recommended this movie. It really has a lot of sick a%# scenes in it lol. Definitely a creepy and disgusting film, but scary it is not. I enjoyed it and may watch it on occasion, and I also want to state that I want to be the one to show this to my friends for the first time, just to witness their reactions lol.

trickrtreathalloweenmain(Don’t own right to any of the images used in this blog)

Another Fall/Halloween movie that has been recommended to me so many times and I have still not watched yet is Trick Or Treat. I know I know, OMGOSH I haven’t watched it yet and to be honest idk why I never really heard of the film or ever been drawn to it? That’s kind of crazy since it is a Fall favorite among the Halloween fanatics community. When I do, I will most definitely be on here blogging about it. lol.

Week_3_Autumn.jpg(Don’t own right to any of the images used in this blog)

I hope you all enjoy your Fall season from beginning to end. Remember to make it fun!!!


A list of my favorite Fall movies..

Fall favorites:tumblr_static_tumblr_static_3cu61nilgj288ko80gg8sg4og_640

80’s, 90’s & Modern day movies

List #1 of some of my favorite movies to watching during the Fall season. The great thing about this part 1 list is that it has kid friendly movies. Those are the feel good kind of movies. And it also includes a little bit of comedy & thrillers.


(Don’t own rights to any of the images used in this blog)

List 1:

Halloweentown (all of them)

halloweentown.jpg(Don’t own rights to any of the images used in this blog)

Edward Scissorhands

(Don’t own rights to any of the images used in this blog)1152280

The Addams Family + The Addams Family Values

(Don’t own rights to any of the images used in this blog)image

The Witches

(Don’t own rights to any of the images used in this blog)witcxhes.jpg

Double Double Toil & Trouble

(Don’t own rights to any of the images used in this blog)Kelly-Lynn-Double-Double-Toil-Trouble


(Don’t own rights to any of the images used in this blog)AP_beetlejuice_still_sk_131120_16x9_608

Sleepy Hollow

(Don’t own rights to any of the images used in this blog)sleepy-hollow-johnny-depp

The Orphan

(Don’t own rights to any of the images used in this blog)orphan-image-orphan-movie-1824214879.jpg

The Nightmare Before Christmas

(Don’t own rights to any of the images used in this blog)nhdyhdyhdye.png

Death Becomes Her

(Don’t own rights to any of the images used in this blog)unnamed-4

Practical Magic

(Don’t own rights to any of the images used in this blog)PracticalMagic-thumb-700x471-187543

House of 1000 Corpses

(Don’t own rights to any of the images used in this blog)house-of-1000-corpses-chris-hardwick-erin-daniels-1

Now & Then

(Don’t own rights to any of the images used in this blog)

The Sixth Sense

(Don’t own rights to any of the images used in this blog)SS3

Happy Fall Ya’ll..

Halloween haunts. Who does it the best?

I love me a good Halloween maze, haunted house, just a good Halloween scare in general. I’ve had a lot of my friends and acquaintances talk over the years about how they went to either Horror Nights, Fright fest or Scary Farm. I’ve heard mixed reviews on all these parks, but my question is WHO TAKES THE CAKE? 


Any one who would like to chime in and recommend a park or tell their experience, that would be nice!

Knotts Scary Farm:


1kbjnkml(Don’t own rights to the pictures used in this blog)

Six Flags Fright Fest:


(Don’t own rights to the pictures used in this blogArticles-Six-Flags-09-10-15(Don’t own rights to the pictures used in this blog)

Universal Studios Horror Nights:


Universal Orlando Resort unleashes the horror of some of the most terrifying names in entertainment with Halloween Horror Nights 23.(Don’t own rights to the pictures used in this blog)

It’s almost Pumpkin Spice seasooonnn!!


il_340x270.1641967413_jakj(Don’t own rights to the pictures used in this blog)

     Ok, so I must first admit that I do not wait until the beginning of the Fall season to begin drinking or eating Pumpkin Spice any thing. I mean who does? lol. Pumpkin spice season for me just doesn’t mean pumpkin spice everything. I think about all the other spices that make the holidays a little extra special. Like all spice seasoning (which is a mix of a couple of these other spices), nutmeg, cinnamon (fav), peppercorns, vanilla beans and star anise. All these spices remind me of the very many happy years that I spent with my family as well as my former sitter and her family.  One little quick thing to mentions is that I grew up around all kinds of food. I was very fortunate to have people in my life who LOVED food and LOVED cooking in general. I was around amazing food all of my life. Every holiday season I would watch them create delicious meals that would be better called buffets, lol. All the amazing smells in the air this time of year. I guess the mood is set with the cooler temperatures, trees leaves changing colors, snow begins to fall and all you want to do is eat good food and be cozy and warm somewhere, with good company. There is just something about the holiday season that makes families want to unite and bond over food, desserts, drinks and games which is heart warming.

large(Don’t own rights to the pictures used in this blog)

I have started purchasing what is considered to be Fall kind of foods to just try them out and even make some my new favorites. One that I like so far is the Pumpkin spice creamer branded by Kroger. I love the taste mixed in with my coffee. Its the perfect coffee to drink before your work shift begins. Definitely sets that Fall-ish mood, especially when its nice and cold early morning. I do drink it two very simple ways, in the morning with hot water, your choice of coffee, your preference of pumpkin spice creamer and if you like it a bit on the sweeter side, just add a little bit of sugar. My favorite way to have my coffee is with cold made with Original Almond milk, Nescafe coffee, pumpkin spice creamer and I do add a little bit of sugar to mine. Topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with cinnamon. Its my absolute FAV and its so freaking simple!!!

9d334112a641ccd2afa91675c7e951df.png(Don’t own rights to the pictures used in this blog)

What I appreciate the most though, is a good hearty dessert.  I love, love desserts. And this cinnamon crumb cake compliments my morning coffee very very well. Lol. I do encourage even those who have never baked a thing in their life, to try this recipe. I promise you wont regret it, you can even tweak it a little more to your liking. That’s totally up to you. I just had to share this recipe on my blog since I’m crazy about it and a lot of you Fall fanatics can relate and appreciate great Fall foods like me.  Hehehe 😉 Enjoy!

IMG_6334-cinnamon-crumb-coffee-cake-square(Picture from the website crumb cake by Allie)

Link to one of my favorite crumb cake recipes by Allie as listed above:

Yass Fall, I cant wait!! 2 more days ya’ll..


The new Hocus Pocus book + sequel that I WAS excited for until..




(Don’t own right to any of the images used for this blog)

Like most Hocus Pocus and Halloween enthusiasts, I have been dyiinnng for a sequel to Hocus Pocus. Rumors have sparked throughout the years with very little to no promises of an actual sequel. Then the new talk of this Hocus Pocus book surfaced, before the book was released, people anticipated for that moment. As a fan of Hocus Pocus, this was as close as we could probably ever get to a second part. Imagine the excitement that every single fan was feeling! I mean, if they were to ever film or even write a sequel to the movie it HAD TO BE GREAT!! Right? I mean its freaking Hocus Pocus we are talking about here. Its a Halloween CLASSIC!

77a3f818-10f6-4404-b997-ccd9cf1dc0ad-screenshot-27.png(Don’t own right to any of the images used for this blog)

We might have been WRONG! After reading the reviews online now that the book has been released for a couple months now, I must admit that I am disappointed and I say that with such sorrow =( I had my hopes up way too high I believe. Some people love the book version of Hocus Pocus the actual movie storyline. Some on the contrary say that the author failed to express the Sanderson sisters like the movie did and that the book is based more on Danny, Allison and Max. Which is a total bummer because the witches are the main characters in the movie. Then, people went on to talk about the sequel which continues the Hocus Pocus story to 25 years later Max and Allison’s daughter comes face to face with the Sanderson sisters and once again has to save Salem from their wicked ways. Not a lot of people liked the second part though, a lot of people say it lacked details and was fairly boring. Some people enjoyed it but said it could have been better. Total blur. 

landscape-1501600129-hocus-pocus-kids(Don’t own right to any of the images used for this blog)

I still have to be the judge myself and I am willing to purchase the book and read it. ‘Don’t knock it until you try it’, is going to be my motto for this one lol. I want to see if people are actually being truthful or just being cry babies because it is not super great like they expected it to be. Once I read it I will be coming back to give my personal opinion on the book. I’m still a little excited just not as much. Lets see how this goes..

(To be continued..)

Who enjoys binge watching shows that they have already watched?

maxresdefault(Don’t own right to any of the images used for this blog)

I can proudly admit, that I in fact am a binge-watcher. It is really hard for me to find a good show that captivates my attention and makes me want to actually keep watching. Like those, “Don’t you dare interrupt me,” kind of shows, watching them for the first time of course. If I have watched them already and still keep on watching on occasion, it is considered a good show to me. I have a few favorite shows that I can re-watch from start to finish and they never seem to bore me. Sometimes I even have these particular shows playing in the background while I cook, bake or clean, it brings some sort of comfort to me that I just enjoy. I’m pretty sure others can also relate. Right?

MY FAVORITE TV SHOWS(Don’t own right to any of the images used for this blog)


The thing about me though is that I prefer to watch, what many may consider, “old” type of shows. An example of what many may consider “old” is “That 70’s Show”, which I LOVE and consider it a classic. Its hilarious and stupid at the same time. I can totally watch it on their level if you know what I mean *wink wink lol. The funny thing is that we have all met a Jackie, Fez, Donna, Eric, Kelso and Hyde. Just like we have all met a Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Ross, Phoebe and Joey, which brings me to another one of my favorites that many consider “too old,” F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Just like “That 70’s Show,” with a different story line, obviously, its a classic. I have literally, not even exaggerating, watched these shows from the very first episode to the last about 20+ times combined. Is that even normal? Because I sure as heck don’t care if it isn’t lol.

tv(Don’t own right to any of the images used for this blog)

I must say though, if I had to pick an all time favorite show, it would have to be Desperate Housewives. Now this show is funny, dramatic, suspenseful, relatable and so much more. The name pretty much sums it up. Filmed in Universal Studios, you have your narrator which kills herself in the very first episode, and her group of suburbia housewives friends/neighbors who go on with their crazy, hectic, boujee, interesting lives try to figure out why their dear friend would commit suicide. What did she do? Why didn’t she reach out for help? So many questions that you may ask yourself too, but must watch the series because I sure enough wont ruin your experience lol. Streaming on Hulu.

8375593(Don’t own right to any of the images used for this blog)


A more recent show that is also AWESOME is “Sons of Anarchy,” it is based on some real events. I don’t think you have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out, lol. basically common knowledge. The story line is great and alluring. Couldn’t get enough. This show, as well as Desperate Housewives, was one of those shows where no one could keep on watching further without you lol.  Not to mention all the Charlie Hunnam scenes that you’d miss, yowza!! Charlie Hunnam was like THE icing on the cake on that show according to friends and myself, lol. Sometimes he would make you want to slap him through the screen for all the cheating he did though. I know a lot of you ladies took his cheating and promiscuous ways personal lmao. He was like every girls TV husband. Lol. I kid , I kid. In all seriousness it was a great show.  So great that it is considered a classic now. Which means, it is worth owning the whole series on DVD. So bravo for the writers, directors, actors and everyone who was involved in the making of S.O.A.


sons-of-anarchy-forrest-rangers-218337(Don’t own right to any of the images used for this blog)


Ending my, what seems to be eternal, binge-worth watching blog with one more binge worth watching show that is now considered a classic to me, “Breaking Bad.” Crazy how it all starts with a desperate high school chemist teacher who needs money for his cancer treatments. Like they say, desperate times call for desperate measures. He gets introduced into the life of drug making which provides him with more than enough money for his treatments and some. What was once a some what regular looking high school chemist teacher ends up being a well known drug king pin. Definitely worth the binge. Well that’s enough of my blabber mouth for now, I’ll maybe make a part 2 to this blog. There are other shows worth watching that I cant wait to share with you all. Happy binge-ing!!

breaking-bad.jpg(Don’t own right to any of the images used for this blog)

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